Monday, July 9, 2012

Rokkyu (6th kyu) Kiiro Obi (Yellow Belt)

Sensei Craig Mahar posted the following on YouTube. It is the majority of techniques included in yellow belt of the Jan de Jong jujutsu grading system.

Kudos to

Kudos to Sensei Mahar. Not only for his efforts in publicly sharing the Jan de Jong jujutsu teachings with others, but also in his proficiency. He is a credit to himself, Sensei Hans de Jong, his instructor since the passing of Shihan Jan de Jong, and of course Shihan Jan de Jong.

Sensei Mahar was a student while I was a student at the Jan de Jong Self Defence School. He was always humble, proficient, and very, very fast. He suffered a debilitating injury when his knee was dislocated during a pre-shodan grading, but he obviously persisted. He has had his share of disappointments in life, but he continues to train, grade, and share his jujutsu with others. It is my conviction that he is exactly the sort of instructor that Shihan Jan de Jong would be very proud of.

Sensei Mahar has been graded sandan by Sensei Hans de Jong, the highest technical grade in the Jan de Jong jujutsu grading system. This is a credit to both Sensei Hans de Jong and Sensei Mahar. Sensei Mahar for achieving that grading and Sensei Hans de Jong for continuing to encourage and advance people in the Jan de Jong jujutsu tradition.

Lets hope many more of these posts are made available to the public.

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  1. It's great to see an example of your own style for us to have a look at - I notice the use of cat stance as a finishing position several times - as this is one of the fundamental combative stances of karate, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on its prevalance and use in your jujitsu.

    You should make your own videos, especially for some of the kojutsukan stuff - sometimes its hard to comprehend a concept from a written description, especially for those of us who come from different martial arts, but a video can really help to get the message accross.