Monday, November 30, 2015

Demo Bloopers 2

More memories. More bloopers.

Jan de Jong and I were preparing for a demonstration to be given at the end of a summer camp in Norway. He was going to demonstrate kusurigama techniques (see photo). We were practicing outside our hut one very cold morning (Australian ideas of summer and Norwegian ideas of summer are very different). I attacked with a downward strike with a katana (sword) and he ensnared said sword with the rope/chain and attack my neck with the blade of the kusurigama. I leaned away from said attack, to which De Jong admonished me and said that it didn't look good for the demonstration.

Fair enough. I attacked and didn't lean away despite all instincts for self-preservation. De Jong defended and attacked my neck ... blood started to trickle down my neck where De Jong had penetrated it with his weapon. 'THAT'S WHY I LEAN AWAY' I exclaimed. 'I thought you were going to lean away,' he explained.

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