Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Further WWII Images of De Jong's Legacy

The following were received from a member of Shihan Jan de Jong OAM 9th Dan's first family which adds to the documentation associated with his legacy.

This is the ex libris that De Jong had designed by Wim Zwiers, a renown artist in Holland, which came to be the logo for his school.

The above includes an address - Leede 60 Rotterdam Zuid - which was his first wife's parents address.

The second photo is of a membership card to his school in Holland during and just post WWII.

Gelieve deze kaart elke eerste les van de maand mede te brengen - Please bring this card with you every first lesson of the month.

De ontwikkeling van het Jiu Jitsu heeft twintig eeuwen geduurd. Laten we niet denken, dat we deze kunst in twintid dagen te leren is. - The development of the Jiu Jutsu has taken 20 centuries. Let us not think that we can learn this art in twenty days.

The latter statement is gold.

PS: Part of this blog is to act as a lightening rod for others who were involved with De Jong to contribute to the body of knowledge and images that is being developed. These images forwarded to me by members of his family and the memorabilia forwarded to me by a member of his school from the 1950s has supported that intention. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks John. Your efforts in sharing Shihan's story is to be applauded. I trained at the school in Hay Street in the 90s and then again when it moved after he passed away. It wasn't the same. I remember how encouraging he was in his class and especially at gradings. Everyone loved him.