Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Legacy of Jan de Jong

I have been informed by the editor of the national martial arts magazine, Blitz, that my article on the legacy of Shihan Jan de Jong OAM 9th Dan will be published. Can you conceive what I consider De Jong's legacy to be? It won't be what you imagine but it will be far more influential than simple martial arts. It may even challenge 'professional's' understanding of a philosophy that they hold dear to themselves.


  1. I was a member of the Jan de Jong Self Defence School for many years. After Jan died things changed. Paul took over and added more gradings and caused senior grades to leave the school. What is his problem? I was purple going on black and white and instead of getting encouragement I was actively discouraged. I heard the same from many senior grades under Jan. It is disappointing to say the least.

  2. What years did you train there? How did Paul "cause senior grades to leave the school" specifically?

  3. Australian Ninja - I'm sorry but I cannot comment as the comment was received from the ubiquitous anonymous.